C Compiler

The very first thing we need to know that what is a compiler in programming? before starting programming with C language, is to make sure that you have C compiler in your system.

What is a compiler in programming


A compiler is a special computer program that transforms source code written in a programming language into binary or machine language. The most common reason for converting source code is to create an executable program.

If you ask a question to someone, who does not have enough knowledge of computer that 'which language does computer understand?'. He may be answer immediately 'English', but it's not true, because computer understands only binary or machine language. The format of binary language is 0 and 1.

Whatever we write in source code file that is not understandable by a computer, therefore we need such a technique that can make our source code understandable to a computer. Here, compiler comes into the picture. A compiler converts our source code into such a language (binary or machine language) that a computer can understand.

Tasks of a compiler or

C compiler


1  Check the syntax of source code.

2  Convert source code into machine language.

3  Make executable file.

4  Assemble source code.

1  There are many compilers available for C programming in different platforms like GCC compiler. You can install and use them easily for C programming.

2  There are many integrated development environments (IDEs) available for C programming in different platforms like Turbo C, Dev C, Code blocks etc, Which provide integrated C compiler. In coming section, we learn that how to install and use them.