C Programming Tutorial

C Language is a powerful general-purpose and structure/procedure oriented programming language. C programming language is widely used to develop system level applications or softwares like operating systems (Unix/Linux), database systems, drivers etc. It has become very popular language in the world of programming languages because it is simple, reliable, portable, fast, easy to use and available in all platforms.

If you are looking forward to learn programming languages, so C programming language is a good choice or place to start your programming journey. C programming should be the first thing to learn if you are new in the world of programming. If you learn C language well, it means that you have learned 50% of the all programming languages because most of the programming languages follow the syntax of C language like Java, C# etc. That is why, C programming language is known as mother language of all other languages.

1  C programming language is considered as the mother of all programming languages.

2  To learn C programming language will be fun with us !!

C Programming Tutorial Guidelines

1  The aim of this C tutorial is to provide best materials or contents for C beginners, students and professionals to learn C language easily and better way.

2  We have given 400+ C programming examples and programs to learn C language easily and better way, because one example is better than hundred lines theory.

3  This C programming tutorial has been split up into various sections for learning step by step and better understanding and try to follow sequence of sections.

4  After learning C language you can switch to any programming language easily like C++, Java, C# etc. So put your best efforts to learn C language.

5  Try to run the examples or programs which are given in this C programming tutorial yourself for better understanding and quick learning of C Language.