Features of C Language

Features of C - C language is a simple, powerful and widely used computer programming language. It provides lot of features that make it robust and efficient programming language. The main feature of C language is that it contains features of both low-level and high-level programming languages.

C language is simple, reliable, portable, fast, easy to learn, easy to use and available in all platforms. Because of its features, C language is inspiration for development of all other programming languages and most of the programming languages follow its concepts and syntax.

1  C language inherited some features from B and BCPL languages.

2  All other computer programming languages were derived from C programming concepts directly or indirectly.

We can define features of C language in following ways :

1 Simple language : C language is a simple and easy programming language for both learning and programming, therefore most of the computer programming languages follow its syntax and concepts, like C++, Java, C# etc.

2 Structured programming language : C language is a structured oriented programming language, which means as a programmer, We can divide a big C program into a several different blocks and in this way we can manage the program easily.

3 Portable programming language : C language is a portable programming language, which means as a programmer, We can run C language programs on different platforms with little modification or without modification.

4 Middle level programming language : C language is a middle-level programming language, because it contains features of both low-level and high-level programming languages and this is the story behind of widely used C language in system level applications.

5 Fast programming language : The compilation and execution of C programs is much faster than any other language. C language is one of fastest computer programming languages because C language is very close to machine.

6 Rich set library : C language provides lot of libraries like math.h, string.h etc. These libraries help us to create C programs or applications easily and make working with C faster.

7 Memory Management : C language provides better memory management using pointer. Therefore, most of the memory related softwares are written in C language like DBMS, Compilers etc. We can allocate dynamic memory at runtime in C using pointer functions like malloc(), calloc(), alloc() etc.

8 Recursion : Recursion is a technique that provides code reusability and one of the common techniques used in C language, where a function calls itself again and again for doing a specific task.

9 Modular programming language : C language is a modular programming language, which means that we can divide an C program into small modules according code functionality, which make the C program easy to understand.

10 Extensible : C language is an extensible programming language because we can add new features in C language easily.

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